A conscious heart creates a Change.
Heart that respects Mother Nature and each person we work with.


As we prosper, we will always continue to give back to people and the planet and stay thoughtful. One of the ways we encourage this is with #addsomearth. With every purchase, we give you a plantable seed card, therebycreating more flowers for the bees and vegetables for you.  Send us pictures of the little garden you’re creating
with Arthmod. ​​


Hangtag made out of Tree free paper with a tear – off sticker to tag a gift card.


It’s all about doing the right things together at arthmod. Your very first order placed with arthmod is carefully packed into an unbleached and GOTS certified organic cotton tote bag. This eco bag can be repurposed as a grocery bag, shopping bag, work /college bag, beach bag, gym bag.


With the pillars of ethics and principles, we ensure to build responsible long term relationships with every partner and maker we work with.

At arthmod we are committed to apply the same values of transparency, sustainability, safety and respect for the people who make our clothes.

With a production based in India and working so closely with the local communities, we are able to support and encourage artisans to create beautiful handmade products.​

Our Crown fabrics tick all high sustainable standards, and travel happy knowing that these eco-friendly and renewable fabric is as good for you as it is to our mother Earth.


Even though our garments create less carbon emissions than most, we would rather want they
don’t create any at all, so we decided to neutralize all of the emissions created by our garment by funding projects that absorb the same amount of carbon created by our garments like planting a tree that sucks the carbon we create out in the atmosphere.